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What is Digital Marketing

Popular marketing tools to boost your sales

what is digital marketing

Digital marketing is a blanket term used by industry professionals to cover a broad spectrum of marketing services. Some of the more common categories include: e-mail marketing, social media, landing pages, digital documents, and pay-per-click advertising. Digital marketing also expands beyond just the world wide web, and includes apps, and on-premise software. Thousands of 3rd party digital marketing tools exist to perform a broad spectrum of tasks. You will find many have overlapping features with CRM platforms, or are designed to integrate right into your CRM software. At Larmahil we rely heavily on email marketing, landing pages, and Proposify to effectively manage our own content marketing strategy.

E-mail Marketing

Perfect for medium and small businesses, due to its low upfront costs email marketing offers the largest ROI (38-1) of all marketing platforms. Email marketing includes a wide variety of features to assist you with all types of campaigns. Create a contact list, segment them according to specific characteristics. Build email campaigns for newsletters and blogs, or build your own.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are best described as single page, single purpose websites. The purpose of a landing page is to deliver a content offer to your prospect with a clear message and sign up form. Landing pages are most commonly found when signing up for a “free trial”, downloading a ebook or white papers.


Proposify is a powerful proposal writing tool designed to offer in-depth analytics when you send a client a proposal or quote. With Proposify you can build visually stunning proposals in no time, add interactivity with links to external websites. Once you have sent your proposal to your client, enjoy the additional analytics provided from when the email was opened to how long your client spent reading each page.