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Powerful CRM Features You're not using properly

3 of the most overlooked CRM features

Commonly Underutilize CRM Features

Customer relationship management is a lot like the middle child of the sales and marketing family. Most small and medium sized businesses overlook and under appreciate the true value of a good CRM system. Here are 3 of the most powerful CRM tools that most businesses never use.

  1. Website visitor tracking: with a small snippet of code imbedded in the header of your webpage you have the ability to know who is visiting your website, what pages and links they are checking out, and how long they stayed on your site. Some CRM systems will even go as far as adding information to your customer records based on their website behaviour, and initiate email campaigns from this data.
  2. Campaigns: in most cases the primary reason to invest in a CRM system is for the feature known as campaigns. However, many of us get so bogged down with other tasks we do not take the time to set up and utilize the campaigns. A campaign can be as simple as an email response to a website form submission, or as complicated series of tasks and notifications designed to guide the sales team through the path to purchase.
  3. Time management: even the simplest of CRM platforms will include some form of calendar integration and time management system. The reason most people fail to use this feature, is because they are so comfortable doing things the old way, that they choose not to invest the time in educating themselves to use this tool.

If you have a CRM system and feel like you are not fully utilizing some of its features we can help you. Our CRM advance program is designed specifically to help you get the most out of your CRM software.