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Remarketing With Google Adwords

For when you just can't say goodbye

Remarketing with google adwords

You had them, they were on your website, clicking on pages and watching your videos. They were so close to buying in to what you were selling. Then all of a sudden they were gone. Bounced from your website and moving on to your competitors. For many businesses this is a big problem with on-line sales, it seems harder to close the deal on-line. In the old days of sales we had closers, the specialized sales professional who new how to get the yes. If the customer was in the store there was a way to overcome every objection and get the customer to commit.

Google Adwords has come up with a solution to this new age problem of ADHD shoppers. They have dubbed it “Remarketing”. My spell check puts a redline under it every time because it’s not a word, but it will be soon. Remarking is the process of monitoring when your visitor leaves your website without triggering a conversion, and then Adwords looks for a new opportunity to present your advertisement to the same visitor again, even if its on your competitions website. The goal of this action is draw the customer back into your website for another attempt at converting.

A great working example of remarketing happened to me just last week. A client had requested that I research POS systems that were compatible with the CRM platform we would be installing. As you can imagine, my Google search history is full of topics related to CRM as that is my primary business. After doing a little research on POS and visiting a few websites to gather pricing and data, something started changing. The Google Adwords display network stopped populating my ad space with CRM and replaced it with the POS sites I had recently visited.

Remarketing is a tool in the world of Pay Per Click advertising. It is another example of marketers shifting with the behaviours of the consumer. I am interested to watch and see what happens next. When the consumer tunes out the remarketing efforts, and it is no longer an effective method, what will the marketers of the world replace it with?