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Prosperworks CRM Review

The only CRM built for Google Apps. Recommended by Google. Used by Google.

Agile CRM Review


Not all CRM systems are marketing platforms. Prosperworks falls into the category of Sales and contact management. Prosperworks was built with google apps users in mind. If you primarily use Gmail, Google Docs, Google+, Google calendar, then there is a good possibilty Prosperworks is the right contact manager for you. Prosperworks is a lightweight CRM that lives within your gmail and integrates with your other google apps.


Prosperworks features a sales pipeline that is design to show you exactly where you are in the sales process. It has a clean, easy to read, interface which makes it very easy to see what needs to be done to move a prospect or project into the next phase. The integration with Google docs, Google sheets, and Google Cloud, will allow your team to collaborate on projects. Your team will have the increased ability to communicate efficiently and effectively.

    Sales Automations

  • Automated Customer Research - Automated customer search feature: ProsperWorks is able to automatically enter contact information that users would otherwise have to enter manually. For sales professionals, the more information they have about a prospect, the better. Better data means better relationships with customers, and accelerated sales cycles that lead to more sales.
  • Pipeline Management - With ProsperWorks simple and visual pipeline, you can easily organize, manage and maintain your pipeline. Simply drag and drop your opportunities from one stage to the next. Pipeline management organizes and streamlines your sales process.
  • Productivity Suite - Our goal is to enable you to automate most manual tasks, so you can spend more time focusing on growing your business.


Prosperworks does not push itself as a marketing platform. The advantages of a contact management system likes Prosperworks come into effect when the lead enters your sales pipeline. You built a landing page, delivered a great piece of content, and the lead has emailed you. This is where the magic starts for Prosperworks, when you open your gmail inbox Prosperworks lives right there on the right hand side. You can begin next steps action without ever closing the page. This efficiency will allow you more time to focus on other sales and marketing efforts to drive traffic.


NO SET-UP FEE or ON-BOARDING PROGRAM! Prosperworks sets up ready to work right out of the box. Prosperworks falls into a mid-range category for pricing. This will leave you with room to invest in another marketing platform to drive leads into your Prosperworks pipeline. The pricing appears to be based on users/month but further down the page there is mention of unlimited users. Contacting Prosperworks to get more clarity might be required.