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So you made it to this page of our website, do you believe that CRM can be a valuable tool for your business? Are you unsure how to select the right platform for your company?

With more than 400 options to choose from and new CRM software hitting the market daily picking the right one for your business is not an easy task. At Larmahil we offer free consultation with every prospect, we will engage you over the phone or in person and help your evaluate your business needs. Once we have a clear understanding of your goals and desires we will use our knowledge of the industry to find you the right fit for your business. Your needs assesment and selection interview are both completely free. If you decide to take our recommendations and venture off on your own CRM implementation journey, we will be happy knowing we helped. However, we do have bills to pay and would love to introduce you to one of our implementation packages.


  • Free coffee or water
  • Need evaluation
  • Software selection
  • Basic setup
  • Training & Support
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  • Everything from STARTER plus:
  • Up to 10 Templates
  • Brand customization
  • Data transfer
  • Users "how to" guide
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  • Everything from CUSTOM plus:
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Unlimited Cutom fields
  • Website Integration
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Maintenance
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Step 1 - Evaluation

We will meet with you to discuss what you would like your CRM to do for you. We will work with you to have a complete understanding of your business from lead to invoice, we will evaluate where and how CRM can positively impact your business.

Step 2 - Selection

CRM is not a one size fits all business. There are hundreds of platforms to choose from. At Larmahil we have a detailed breakdown of 40 CRM systems that range from basic and free, to complex and expensive. We will not recommend a system for you if it does not fit both your needs and your budget.

Step 3 - Customization

Once you have selected the right CRM for your business we will tailor it to fit your business. This is where we take everything from your CRM wish list in step 1 and build your perfect CRM system.

Step 4 - Data Transfer

We will take all the information from your current database and move it over to your new CRM for you. This includes products, inventory, leads, accounts, and contacts.

Step 5 - Training

We offer our clients onsite training for how to use your CRM. We will walk you through everything you asked for in step 1, and teach you how it all works. We will even leave you with a "how to" guide that covers some of the frequently asked questions of your system.

Step 6 - Support

We are only a call away. If you have any issues with your CRM we will walk you through the solutions. If your CRM is not effectively performing the tasks you hoped it would, we will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your CRM.