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Hot Leads Come From landing Pages

Using landing pages to generate marketing qualified leads

hot leads fom from landing pages

We encounter them almost everyday. A call to action posted somewhere entices us to click on it, and there it is a landing page. A single page website with no navigation, just the carrot dangling on the stick. You are now faced with the decision, is this carrot worth the information we are asking for? You know that by filling in the contact form you are open yourself up to any sort of email solicitation the company has. If it's a brand you know and trust this will likely not be an issue for you. Chances are you are already receiving their marketing information. What if this is a brand you do not know and trust? what are you opening yourself up to by signing up...

Very simply landing pages are a trade proposition. We are offering you this conent, in exchange for your contact information and permission to contact you again in the future.


example landing page image

This landing page is offering a free webinar on A/B testing. You found this page because there was a call to action button somewhere that was interesting enough for you to click on. If you feel the value of the offer, in this case education on A/B testing then you will fill in the form and continue to the thank you page where the offer will be delivered.

The benefit of landing pages for your company is they are completely trackable. You will know exactly how many visitors came to the page and how many filled out the form. This will enable you to make adjustments to the content offer and form to find the perfect balance to genereate leads. Once a contact fills out the form they are now a genuine lead for you company and you can begin the path to purchase.