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The Buyer's Journey

Consideration Stage

The Buyers Journey consideration stage

The consideration stage in a buyers journey is where the most action occurs. The buyer has identified or labelled their problem or opportunity, and is now gathering information on possible solutions. At this point in the buyers journey, the buyer still has not reached out to a sales person or company.

In the previous blog post about the awareness stage we looked at how a buyer might look to identify what it is that was bothering them. The buyer new they had a toothache, they did not know the cause of the toothache was an infection, as we know antibiotics are the first step to solving tooth pain caused by an infection. Now that the buyer has identified their need for antibiotics, in the consideration stage the buyer can begin to seek out more specific solutions, where will they find antibiotics at 2am? what alternatives do they have to antibiotics to relieve the immediate pain?

For 72% of buyers, they’ll turn to Google for a solution. Having content marketing materials for this stage of the buyers journey is essential for building trust and nurturing the relationship. Perhaps the buyer really enjoyed you blog post on "do it yourself tooth extraction" and it was a pleasant distraction from their immediate pain, but now they need a more tangible solution.

The consideration stage is an opportunity for you to introduce your potential customer to educational materials that will assist them with their problem. Continuing with the tooth pain analogy, a solid consideration stage may be an infographic about the best over the counter pain medications for tooth pain. This is the online equivalent of "take two aspirin and call me in the morning".

Remember: Buyers in the consideration stage are gathering information and solutions to consider.

They are not ready to decide which dentist to visit yet, so offering a booking form or call now button may not be the most effective approach. It is fair at this stage to offer a value trade, offer a free solution to their problem in exchange for permission to engage them directly through phone or email.

Landing pages and contact forms are great ways to deliver content to buyers in the consideration stage.

The key takeaway: buyers in the consideration stage know what their problem is, they want solutions not sales pitches.

In our next post we will continue on the buyer's journey through the decision stage.