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The Buyer's Journey

Awareness stage

The buyers journey awareness stage

It's 2:00am and your tooth is so sore you are crying. You are out of numbing gel, the Advil isn't doing a thing for you. You've tried everything you can think of and nothing is working. You turn to google and search "home remedies for toothache"

Welcome to the Awareness Stage of your buyers journey.

The awareness stage is when your potential customer first realizes they have a problem, or need for a product or service. As tempting as it is to buy a new car every time an advertisement for the latest 0% financing deal on the next year model comes out, reality is most people do not start shopping for a new car until they feel the need for a new car. The awareness stage is your first opportunity to present your solution to their opportunity. Buyers in the awareness stage are not ready for your sales pitch, this is not the right time to tell them about your latest offer, sale, or great service. The awareness stage is all about gathering information.

How do you engage a customer in the awareness stage? Offer them something of value. offering an educational article targeted at their specific problem seems like a good idea, but be careful not to be too specific in this stage. Remember: Buyers in the awareness stage are just discovering their problem or need. If your offering is to specific you risk the buyer not identifying with your solution to their problem. Keep your content offering to this customer a little more open to interpretation.

Would a blog post on "7 ways to prevent tooth pain" be a good content offering for the awareness stage? Possibly, but maybe you should also write one about the "3 best home remedies" and "do it yourself tooth extraction" as well.

The key takeaway: buyers in the awareness stage are not ready to be sold to, so stop selling and start educating.

In our next post we will continue on the buyer's journey through the consideration stage.