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Agile CRM Review

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Agile CRM Review

Revision: 11/22/2016

I have to say, many features in Agile are on par with what to expect from a low budget CRM. I was very disappointed with the landing page builder, and form builder. There is very little flexibility or practical functionality in their current UX (user experience). If you are looking for any kind of customization in your templates, this is not the CRM for you.


Agile CRM is an all-in-one sales & marketing CRM platform. Agile CRM is compatible with all wordpress sites using their wordpress plug in. As we dig deeper into the sales and marketing tools we can see that Agile is a truly complete all-in-one CRM. Their pricing is reasonable, the product is complete, but they do not offer a client on-boarding program. No on-boarding is good for Larmahil (we can do it for you), good for “do-it-yourselfer’s” (as long as you have the time), bad for anyone lacking time or knowledge to set up a CRM platform.


The Agile CRM sales platform offer’s bottom funnel features to organize your contacts, deals, tasks, and calendar. The sales platform is free for up to 10 users and allows you up to 50,000 contacts. From what I have come across so far, this is the top or near the top offer in the industry. Within the sales platform, Agile CRM also offers: appointment scheduling, custom deal milestones, & email tracking. The sales platform is ideal for companies with large client databases and looking for a better way to track and maintain them.


The Agile CRM marketing platform is where the magic begins. If you are just starting out and are unsure about how to build a database of customers, Agile CRM has you covered. Content marketing has proven to be the most effective way to execute B2B sales. Within content marketing there are 4 main categories: Landing pages, Email marketing, Campaigns, Social media. Agile CRM includes all 4 of these features within the marketing platform, this saves you the time and hassle included in using a 3rd party service for one or two of these features. Two features in the marketing platform that stand out as unique to me were:
  1. Exit intent - Customers exiting your website will be engaged one last time with a pop-up. Personally I hate when people use this on websites I’m visiting, but I can see the value in it from a marketing standpoint.
  2. Mobile marketing - The ability to send SMS messages to your prospects mobile device. Not a new feature, this has existed for a while, but not commonly found in a lot of CRM platforms.


Agile CRM pricing really stood out to me. Almost all CRM platforms are now based on a per user/month system. Agile is no different. Where Agile separates themselves is in the 2 year commitment category. Offering 40% off on a 2 year plan puts Agile CRM in the lead as the most affordable all-in-one CRM platform I have encountered.