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Origin Story

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To educate and inspire owner operated businesses about customer relationship management


Founding Larmahil was not an option, it was a necessity. In August 2016 I was in a strange new land filled with red soil and friendly people. An isolated island, Canada's smallest province in both size and population, Prince Edward Island. This was a time for reflection, I had been struggling with the same questions so many of us face everday, "How can I live a meaningful life?". I looked for work...sort of. More than looking for work I looked for opportunity. I found the opportunity and the answer to my question were the same, bridge the gap between technology and owner operated businesses.

September 1, 2016. Larmahil was born. My purpose is simple, I will educate each of our clients about the digital tools available to improve their day to day business operations. It's not just about selling you software. I will help you select the best software to solve your need. Once you have selected the software I will support you while you learn to use it, and fill in the gaps where needed. Once you no longer need my assistance, our business together will be complete.


"It's pretty incredible what Jake can do with a CRM platform."

- Carey Barnstable
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