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How To Use CRM Software

6 everyday uses for CRM software in business

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Here are the 6 most commonly used applications for CRM software.

  1. WEBSITE INTEGRATION: Turn your website into a lead generating machine for your sales team. Monitor traffic to your site, analyze where they are engaging your content, and where they disengage (exit your site). Set up webforms, landing pages and content offers to entice prospective customers to give you their valuable contact information and begin the relationship process.
  2. DATABASE: Databases are boring, name - address - phone number...ect. Maximize your database with additional useful content like what type of social media your prospects use, and personal information to help you engage them in meaningful interactions. Tracking date of birth and sending birthday wishes is the simplest way to show your customer you care just a little more about them than your competition does.
  3. EMAIL MARKETING: Even the simplest CRM platform will offer you email marketing options. Plan out your campaigns and strategies for the upcoming season. Send reminders to your customers, announce new products and services. Email marketing is still one of the highest ROI marketing strategies in business to business sales. Your CRM will have the ability to create personalized templates and automation so your customers feel engaged even when you are busy doing other business operations.
  4. ANALYTICS: If you can dream it, your CRM can report on it. Use analytics in every aspect of your customer engagement. Track email open rates, link clicks, pages visited on your website, social media feeds and activity. Analyze your internal sales process, keep your finger on the pulse of your sales process. Watch your sales increase while your CRM identifies bottlenecks in your pipeline. Track product sales by region, season, demographic. The analytical options are endless with your CRM platform, this is the #1 most under utilized tool across all industries and all businesses.
  5. TIME MANAGEMENT: Your CRM platform will offer you valuable time management tools like task reminders, and meetings. Set reminders for project deadlines, and follow up calls to clients. When your customer is ready to buy you can be ready to meet without double booking or missing the opportunity.
  6. ENGAGEMENT: Your CRM platform will provide you with many ways to engage your clients. Direct calling features in the CRM will track phone calls, length, date and time. You can add notes about the conversation, and schedule follow up calls.

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